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Business in the Year 2025
Creating Success Business Models for the 21st Century

Business in the Year 2025 by

    • Mitchell Levy
    • CEO, Entrepreneur, Public Board Member
    • Author, E-Volve-or-Die.com & 14 other books
    • Creator of The Value Framework™

NOTE: This a fun 45-60 minute talk introduced at Comdex Fall which incorporates an interesting view of the future, networking among the participants, a million dollar bill, a space suite and chocolate.


    • What will happen in the future?
    • How will work be accomplished?
    • How productive have companies, individuals, computers and society become?
Come hear e-commerce management expert and author of E-Volve-or-Die.com, Mitchell Levy, discuss business in the year 2025. After a story of a day-in-the-life of Mitchell in 2025, Mr. Levy will discuss the five fundamental building blocks that will make this happen:
  1. Knowledge Workers and their Personas
  2. Object-based ECOsystems (e-commerce object systems)
  3. The Semantic Web
  4. Bio-integration with Information Technology
  5. Collaboration

This session pulls in a lot of what’s happening today to extrapolate what will be commonplace in the next 10 to 20 years. If you know the future or at least get a glimpse at it, imagine what can be done today to prepare your company for it!


You will walk away with the five key questions you need to ask to e-volve your company or watch it die.


Mitchell Levy, CEO, has started and run over 13 firms and partnerships since 1997. He is a book publisher (having published 200 books), business consultant & strategist, connector, educator & prognosticator helping companies succeed by putting tools in the hands of corporations and individuals to allow them to create their own success. He has an extensive network which he taps into to drive success for those around him. Mr. Levy is a frequent media guest and a popular speaker, lecturing on business and management issues throughout the U.S. and around the world. In addition to the companies/joint ventures he's started, he has helped answer over 1,000 CEO questions and provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies.

After earning his MBA from the College of William and Mary, he spent 13 years working for corporations in IT, Finance and Operations. He then spent 15 years as an entrepreneur creating 13 companies and strategic partnerships including Happy About® in 2005 and THiNKaha® in 2007. Mr. Levy is also partner of the physical networking firm CXOnetworking and sits on the board of directors of Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR). He lives with his wife and son in Silicon Valley. 

Check out Mr. Levy's most current bio on LinkedIn.



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