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Strategic Business Overview for the 21st Century (ECM) by

Mitchell Levy
CEO, Entrepreneur, Public Board Member
Author, and 14 other books

Although we've heard about the Internet, e-commerce/e-business,'s and dot.bomb's for a number of years, we are still at the beginning of a dramatic shift on how companies conduct business. We can already begin to see the way the Internet has changed the way people work, learn and play. These changes are small compared to what we're about to see. One of the big issues today is that companies are still chasing the technology, not the underlying business need. Successful "electronic business" enabled corporations include the Internet as part of their business strategy.

This tutorial is designed for those that want to change the way their companies utilize this technology to satisfy their customers. This is a broad-brush tutorial that covers the strategic areas a company needs to address to be a successful "electronic business" enabled corporation and will use real-life examples to emphasize both successful and unsuccessful EC efforts.

Everyone from the executive team to the customer service representative has read about or used some form of Electronic Commerce (ECM). But what exactly qualifies as ECM and how do you identify it? This tutorial will show you how the functional areas of your organization should react to ECM? And we'll show you how to lead your company to the ECM 'promised land.'

Mitchell Levy, President & CEO of, will discuss the big picture of ECM and detail the effective strategies. Levy will cover the subject from both the buy and sell side, business-to-business and business-to-consumer. 


  • What is ECM and why should your company actively engage in it?
  • Discuss the importance of business process integration (full integration vs. print & tear) as well as business process reengineering
  • Explore various ECM models and how they apply to both large and small companies
  • Determine which function of the organization should drive ECM?
  • Understand key issues from a Marketing, MIS & Customer Support perspective
  • Examine successful and unsuccessful EC implementations
  • Explore trends that are effecting us today and those that will effect us a couple years out


  • You will walk away with a better understanding of ECM and knowledge of the tools and technologies that will make ECM an important asset in your company.
  • You will walk away with a positive mind-set and a number of ideas of what you could do for  your company


  • Business Owners
  • General Management
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Customer Support Management
  • Operations Management
  • Internet Consultants


Mitchell Levy, CEO, has started and run over 13 firms and partnerships since 1997. He is a book publisher (having published 200 books), business consultant & strategist, connector, educator & prognosticator helping companies succeed by putting tools in the hands of corporations and individuals to allow them to create their own success. He has an extensive network which he taps into to drive success for those around him. Mr. Levy is a frequent media guest and a popular speaker, lecturing on business and management issues throughout the U.S. and around the world. In addition to the companies/joint ventures he's started, he has helped answer over 1,000 CEO questions and provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies.

After earning his MBA from the College of William and Mary, he spent 13 years working for corporations in IT, Finance and Operations. He then spent 15 years as an entrepreneur creating 13 companies and strategic partnerships including Happy About® in 2005 and THiNKaha® in 2007. Mr. Levy is also partner of the physical networking firm CXOnetworking and sits on the board of directors of Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR). He lives with his wife and son in Silicon Valley. 

Check out Mr. Levy's most current bio on LinkedIn.


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