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Making Money Through B2C Marketing by

Michael Caruso
Founder & President of the Society for Internet Advancement San Francisco (SIASF)

Billions of dollars each year are now spent in business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce, with explosive, and even exponential, growth that is not predicted to slow down for decades to come. Using class-generated examples, an industry expert, who has spearheaded online advertising accounts with some of the Internet's biggest marketers, teaches you the tricks of the trade necessary to best position a new "cyberbrand" startup and/or a traditional bricks and mortar player in order to capitalize on this burgeoning opportunity.

This class is an interactive forum where students provide examples of one startup and one traditional company wishing to extend its services online. We talk about what these companies can do to reach consumers and convince them that they are worthy of their business.


  • Guerilla marketing- how to get started without any real capital- (chicken vs. the egg)
  • Targeted Email- Opt In vs. Spam, and the place of each in an on-line campaign
  • Banner Advertising- Is it a dead tool, or will it always have a place
  • Integrated Content Sponsorships, and why they're the wave of the future
  • Major portal placements, and how to avoid losing your shirt
  • Online vs. offline advertising- how are they fundamentally different?
  • Integrated Marketing Communications- what's the Net's place in a full media mix?
  • Measuring Return on Investment (ROI), and doing so beyond simple click-throughs
  • Is the Internet really the most accountable medium of all time?
  • Affiliate Programs-why they can be a no-brainer, and how to make them successful
  • Permission Marketing- getting users to raise their hands
  • Promotions and incentivizing behavior- when and why
  • The importance of fulfillment, customer service, and other basic business issues


  • Marketing executives interested in their own futures, novices with smarts looking to break in, Internet executives wishing to gain an understanding of the marketing side of their businesses and anyone else looking to understand the implications of the Internet on marketing and advertising as we know them.


Michael Caruso is Founder & President of the Society for Internet Advancement San Francisco (SIASF). Michael has been working in online advertising since 1996. Most recently as Director of Sales and Business Development for, he spearheaded that company’s advertising sales and strategic partnership efforts. Prior to joining Fortunecity, he served as Sales and Business Development Director for the Hollywood Stock Exchange, as Sales Manager for, and as Senior Director of Business Development for Cybereps. Michael has been featured as a speaker at many industry events.


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