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Understanding E-Commerce and Technology
for Non-Technical Professionals by

Bob Cormia
Internet Technologist and E-Business Consultant

This course will review key technologies being developed that facilitate complete networked business processes, and is designed for the business professional and manager who needs to advise, choose, and or implement Internet technology into business process flow. Key technologies described include wireless networks and thin clients, middleware and web application development, telephony and messaging, and document centric processes bridging databases using XML. We will also discuss CORBA, Java Enterprise Beans, legacy integration using middleware, and optimizing ECM using business rules, logic, and applications. The primary focus of this course is on the business benefit of technology, case studies and vendor profiles will cover business models, payment and transaction systems, and integrating business process into the supply chain and extended enterprise. Concluding will be a review of the n-tier and 12 layer Business model.


  • What are the key technologies driving networked Business process?
  • What technologies will be required to participate in the new networked economy?
  • How do businesses manage technology development and process integration?
  • What is the distributed Internet computing model and n-tier architecture?
  • What role will wireless networks and thin clients play in e-commerce transactions?
  • Which global and vertical markets will drive mobile data and wireless transactions?
  • Explore the role of XML in Web based EDI and supply chain technologies.
  • An introduction to CORBA, Java Enterprise Beans, and Web application development focusing on case studies and best practices of Fortune 500 firms.
  • An introduction to key vendors and integrators for integrating e-commerce technology.
  • Explore the co-evolution of technology and business in the new net economy.


  • Give you a strong foundation of the role of e-commerce technologies driving the new networked eBusiness economy, key vendors, and development strategies.


  • Business Owners
  • General Management
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Customer Support Management
  • Operations Management
  • Internet Consultants


Robert Cormia is an Internet technologist and e-business consultant. Working at SuperBusiness NET in 1995, Bob developed strategic positioning, product definition, and account management. Bob developed the e-commerce curriculum at Foothill College in 1997 while working as a market analyst for G2R, specializing in IT strategy development for Fortune 5000 enterprises. Bob joined in Fall 1998, developing corporate strategy, product development, and advertising initiatives. In March 2000, Bob joined as an advisor in training and education development in using UML (Unified Modeling Language). In Fall 2001, Bob joins Foothill College as a full-time instructor in the Computer Technology Information Systems division, where he will teach e-commerce, Web strategy, Internet projects, and XML.


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